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A Journey of Self Discovery

Lets continue our journey of Self Discovery, with some new rules of engagement. Here the term engagement means, to "bind together, in good faith", as one does when given a diamond . It is accepted with the treasured knowledge, that the purpose of communication, or engagement, is to create a better relationship. With "understanding", at its very core. Communication here, or anywhere for that matter, should never be to establishing dominace, or prove oneself right. Our journey in the world of gourd, is to encourage and bring out the best in us all. In a spirit of love, good will, and brotherly co-operation. These are the Rules of Engagement, Olivia would truly like us to follow. Treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Never assume a kindness is coming to you. For Kindness should never be taken for granted. So when you are treated kindly by another, cherish that moment and love it in return.  

God doesn't live in disbelief, He knows the Truth when He sees IT!

LAUGH OFTEN... its the Joy of Angels

  Welcome to the Gourd Farm!

 Here's the list of "Must sees" and "Must reads".....

1. The Gourd Buzz.. as must read!

It's here, that inspiration expresses the thoughts of the  day.  You  of course are  invited to share your thoughts as well 

 2.  How Olivia came to be..   the soil in which, helped her grow

 3. Olivia's Best.. Must sees.....these are some websites that Olivia believes you would enjoy visiting.  

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 Our Daily Word...  Seek the Truth 

 Not a truth that fits your liking, or makes you fall prey to self aggrandizement. Seek the Truth in Christ's Word and once you begin to live it, His Love Will be Yours.... 

   Always remember, Christ gave His Life so that our Soul would be Immortal. The American Soldier, is the only other person that willing! 

Nothing greater can be given , no matter how altruistic we may believe ourselves to be! 

Yet we still must do Good , remembering all good comes from, and belongs soley, to God! 

MY GET RICH QUICK Commitment...Live By the BooK!

In this book, there are riches for us all . Values that will enrich the soil for all children to grow in. O's book helps to establish a Garden of Respect and Caring for children to learn who they are.  Never in an atmosphere that encourages attitudes of false superiority, or competion.

  We want our children and our childrens children, to grow up in fields of friendship, trust, and co-operation. For that to happen, it begins with our creation of a furtile field. A field that nurishes the best of who they are. Planting the seeds of Honesty in all things. To encourage them to LIVE THEIR TRUTH, and to be able to express it without fear or intimidation.

To express who they are, not under the guise of politcal corretness. But from the awareness, that words are things. That what you say , is who you are. So diligence in speech is important,only from the standpoint, that we should choose our words wisely. Not in an attempt to curtail our beliefs, but rather to ensure what we are saying conveys the best of what we truly mean.  


Be the example you wish the world to see!

Daily Prayer of Inspiration towards Good...Forgive me, most gracious Lord and Father, if this day I have done or said anything to increase the pain of the world. Pardon the unkind word, the impatient gesture, the hard and selfish deed, the failure to show sympathy and kindly help where I had the opportunity, but missed it; and enable me so to live that I may daily do something to lessen the tide of human sorrow, and add to the sum of human happiness.